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Glass has a unique and precious relationship with light; its transparent and reflective properties are expressed most when light is shown through the glass,  allowing it to come to life.   Throughout the day in natural light these glass lampshades are designed to be beautiful hung objects in your home.  At night,  when they are electrified, they become something more,  adding a colorful,  bright glow to any space.


We offer many combinations of form and color. Please contact us for more information and price quotes for other styles, colors, and shapes.  Pictured are some of what is possible.  Prices depend on number of color combinations and scale or size of finished piece.  Please email for inquiries.


  • Acorn
  • Bell
  • Bowl


  • Product Specs

    Largest is 17 inches wide (Bowl Shape) Tallest is 15 inches Bell Shape.  Custom Inquiries are welcome.  Comes standard with an 8 foot long 100 watt max Cordset.  Can be hung from a track or canopy.